My Research Themes Are

  • Corporate cultures in a globalized world (managing global and local levels).
  • Intercultural leadership
  • Talent attraction
  • Organizational entry


My current research on the French Management Culture

With Frank Bournois (Dean ESCP Europe) and Ezra Suleiman (Professor, Princeton University) we're currently running a comprehensive and global project on the French management culture as perceived by the non-French managers working in CAC 40 companies.


Almost half of CAC 40 companies took part in the study, with more than 5,000 non-French managers contacted. With a response rate of 46%, our sample is made of 2,985 respondents of 96 nationalities and working in 75 countries.


The research highlights that French management is very specific for 63% of the respondents. The key features of French management are investigated and analyzed. Results show what makes French management attractive (creativity, adaptability, using networks effectively) but also expectations about what may be improved (less centralization, less hierarchy, less implicitness...).


Data are currently being processed by nationalities, age, gender and a book is currently being written about this research.


For more information on the project click HERE or watch the video below!


L'Exception française - April 8th, 2015.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

This part is more targeted at a public of academics and researchers in the management field.


By downloading or in any way reproducing these files you accept all responsibility for copyright law. The files are placed here assuming that they will only be used in accordance with fair use standards. 

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